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Scam Awareness


 Virus:   A Coordinator has had a bad experiance with a real virus called CryptoLocker

I have recently been the victim of a vicious cyber thief;  Crypto-Locker. All my saved documents on Microsoft Word have been encrypted.  I was given three days to pay $300 in order to obtain a "key".  I refused to pay, and as a result have lost several documents, some quite important, probably ten years of input. I reported this to Rick Maybury who writes in the Saturday Telegraph, answering computer queries.   See last Week's DT, Nov 2, for some useful comments.  Be ware of this example of daylight robbery. 

Rogue Traders are currently cold calling/leaflet dropping in Petersfield and the surrounding area of Hampshire offering to carryout roof inspections and/or roof repairs. 






A bogus trading standards officer is reportedly operating in the Waterlooville and surrounding area of Hampshire cold calling on the victims of rogue traders. The bogus official claims to be investigating a rogue trader saying he had secured a refund in excess of the price the customer originally paid for the work. He then asks the victim to give him the extra money in the form of a cheque before he can arrange to make the refund by bankers draft.  





Rogue Traders are currently cold calling in the Bedhampton and surrounding area of Hampshire offering free loft and cavity wall insulation and giving the impression they are working for or on behalf of Hampshire County Council.